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About our store

LOBUTA+ robuta plus 
Authentic Korean food

Providing customers with safe, secure, fresh and delicious food
We provide. And support Japanese producers,
We will contribute to Japan's future, albeit little by little.
LOBUTA offers Korean cuisine,
We hope that it will contribute to the social development of both countries.

Freshness and charcoal are important for delicious yakiniku.

As a result of our pursuit of domestic beef and hard charcoal that satisfy both price and taste,

Robuta Plus includes Kansai TV “Suroji”, SAVVY, Asahi Shimbun, etc.

Introduced in multiple media.

Always for everyone who visits

Safe, secure and truly delicious Korean food

We will provide it to you.

From 2023, it will be an original menu item for Robuta Pocha.

You can also enjoy fried chicken with it.

The menu has been reorganized.

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